Do Facebook ads even work?

“Do Facebook ads even work? Is it true that they don’t work like they used to?”

We always get this question (or a variation of it) on client calls.

The truth is…

Facebook Ads work!

No, I’m not just saying it because we are a lead generation agency!

Let us explain.

99% of the time when people run ads, they focus on highlighting how good they are.

It usually goes like this: “We offer X services for Y price. We are the best in the market, our team is the best, and my company is the best out there,” to the point where readers think,

“Dude, we get it! You’re the best! Stop boasting!” and they scroll right past it.

What most people fail to realise about selling is:

People don’t care about how good you are (at least not when they first read your ad).

They care about what you can do for them!

They worry about what problems you can solve for them.

In sales, they say pain is the pitch!

If you don’t address an undeniable pain in your offer and explain how you solve it, you’re doing it wrong.

Being unhealthy is painful, gaining weight is painful, stress is painful, home cleaners showing up late is painful,
and ad agencies scamming people out of their money is painful!

And the list goes on…

Every industry has its pain points!

You need to identify a pain point specific to your industry and turn that pain into an offer by showing the desired outcome.

That, combined with a powerful guarantee, could crush your competition!

Incorporating that into the right ad copy and creative will get you clients on autopilot.

And that is the exact strategy we follow to get you leads on autopilot.

Remember – not just boring ads (everyone else does that). Figure out a burning pain point that keeps your prospects up at night, craft your offer around it, provide an irresistible guarantee and watch leads pour in.

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